Parking & Camping

Parking at venue is $5 - there is a fee - why? It encourages car pooling, pays the workers and covers lost hay income.

Camping at the venue is $20 for a car up to 4 people... additional people are $5. We charge per vehicle... again to encourage folks to travel together.. less tires running across the land... You are encouraged to bring your own water - or water containers (these can be filled at water source at venue).

more info on camping can be found here....

you can purchase your parking or camping voucher here....
***NOTE*** if you are camping you do not need to purchase a separate parking voucher - we just ask that you leave your vehicle in the camping area.

The venue is in the "meadows" so keep that in mind when picking shoes... Drive slowly across the meadow... we have lots of little animals that like to make holes and bumps... so drive slow and watch your step.