Thursday, September 2, 2010

Black Crowes - Concert Ticket Refund Information

Land of Rock, promoter for the Black Crowes provided this
information on Concert Ticket Refunds.
Tickets purchase on will automatically be refunded back to you, you will not have to contact them to request it.
Tickets purchased at Rocky Rudy's - you can pick up your refund at Rocky Rudy's
If you purchased a ticket at the venue, please contact
If you would like to travel to Boise and attend tonights concert - present your ticket from last night and you will be upgraded to VIP.
IF you purchased a camping pass and decided not to stay - please mail your "camping" window voucher with you name and address to
425 S. Orange St.
Missoula, MT. 59801
for a refund
For everyone who paid for parking - you can present a copy of your ticket at the races this weekend for FREE entry (usually $8 a day), we will also send you a voucher for free parking for next season. Just send us a copy of your concert ticket and include your name and address
Thank you